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Set of Rustic Pine Cones

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Set of 3 Naturally Handpicked Pine Cones from Himachal - Pine Cones are an easy and affordable way of bringing nature indoors and adding some farmhouse style decor to your homes. They can be used in different ways all year round and not just on holidays!!

But no one can deny they look the best during Christmas :) 

  • Please Note : Since they are handpicked each Pine Cone may vary in size and shape. 
  • No varnish or paint has been added on the cones, they have been preserved in their rustic & natural form so there might be bits of Dried Pine Tree Glue visible at places. 
  • Approx. Height of Pine Cone - 4-5" 
  • Handle with Care & avoid dropping on floors to prevent breakage. 

Styling Tip - gather the pine cones in the center of your table instead of a big center piece and add some faux greens to it to give it a further rustic look. Place some books around with a beaded garland and candles.