Rug Care


Here are a few tips on taking Good Care of your Rugs! 

General Tips :

  • In Day to Day cleaning light brushing can be done to remove the dust. 
  • Remove any spillage quickly to prevent it from setting in the weave of the rug. 
  • Hire reputable professionals to do annual/bi-annual dry cleaning of your rugs. 
  • For monthly cleaning rely on gentle and light vaccuming of rugs. 

Washing :

  • It is not recommended to Machine Wash your rugs at home as this may result in permanent damage to the weave. 
  • It is advisable to get it dry cleaned occasionally. 

Vacuuming : 

  • Rugs can be lightly vacuumed monthly to keep them dust and dirt free. 
  • Rugs placed in high traffic areas must be vacuumed regularly. 
  • Never vacuum the braids/fringes of your rugs as it may spoil the weave permanently.

Stain Removal :

  • In case of a spillage please use a clean cloth or blotting paper to blot the stain immediately. 
  • Do not rub the stain too much, as it may spread the spillage and cause further damage.
  • A mix of gentle liquid detergent, white vinegar and water can be used to remove the stain, if is a harsh stain however, please make sure all cleaning agents are removed completely from the rug in the end. 
  • Once the blotting is done please use dry cloth or towels to absorb any remaining moisture or residue by firmly pressing around the spot. 

Shedding :

  • It is very natural for wool blend rugs to shed especially if they are freshly. The shedding gradually reduces after some time over use. 
  • Do not pull any loose ends of your rugs rather clip them with scissors.

Avoid Direct Sunlight :

  • Direct sunlight can fade away the true colors of rugs, please keep them away direct sunlight to prevent discoloration. 

De-creasing/Flattening the Rug:

  • Shipping and packaging of rugs can cause creases in your new rugs but this is not indicative of any damage to the rug. 
  • By reverse rolling the crease can be removed or the creases will flatten out naturally over days.