About Us

About our Brand:

Rugs & Hugs is an Indian Home Grown brand born out of pure love for Rugs, Carpets, Kilims or the many different names that we may have for floor coverings. Inspired by the Danish & Norwegian concept of "Hygge", that defines a feeling of cozyness, calm, comfort, charm and content, R&H specializes in Rugs that emanate all those good feelings.

Our Rugs are absolutely Huggable, Snuggable and Ruggable!


 Why Wool Blend Rugs? 

Our Rugs are 100% handwoven by the skilled weavers and craftsmen of India in a fine blend of cotton and wool. Wool owing to it's many characteristics is one of the most preferred fibers for rugs around the globe. 

The natural elasticity of wool does not make it loose it's shape over time. It also has an inherent protective layer which makes it stain resistant in comparison to many other fibers. Lastly, being a flame resistant fiber wool will never easily catch fire thereby making wool rugs a highly durable, long lasting choice when it comes to choosing the right rug for your floors. 



What goes into the making of a 'Panja Weave Rug'?

Once the design is finalized, the yarn goes into dying as per the variants of colors that are required to achieve a certain pattern. 

Panja Weave rugs  are typically made in blend of wool and cotton with a wooden tool that looks like a "Claw" hence called "Panja" (in Hindi). These rugs are 100% handmade on loom machines which are mostly horizontal wooden beams known as warps. 

Each rug takes nearly 15-30 days depending upon the design and skill involved to reach it's final output. 

It's an artform which is traditional and age old to India and needs your appreciation. Handloom industry is the second largest employement provider after agriculture in India and rugs are an intricate depiction of this industry for it represents culture and heritage. 

Rugs & Hugs as a #SmallBusiness supports these talented homegrown artisans and every purchase made from our website is a small step towards earning their livelihood. 

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