A warm Rugsy & Hugsy welcome!

Hi All!

This is a first of firsts, which means the first ever Blog/Write-up on the website of Rugs & Hugs! 

Rugs & Hugs is a lockdown baby and is continuing to grow slowly and steadily. Each and every Rug here is be-spoke and handpicked for you! From the patterns to the colors, to the textures, to the blends - everything is carefully crafted and looked upon to make each piece stand out. 

Buying a rug is not just about money but knowing about what you're investing in - the process that goes into making a beautiful hand knotted piece. During two years of establishing this brand, I have learnt people are not aware about the very make of Rugs, the skill and handcraft that is required in producing that one rug which will adorn a home one day! 

But I try to inform each and every customer about the very nitty gritties of the rug they are buying :) Will continue to do that always. 

In addition to rugs we are also developing a small Minimal Home Decor Section for all of you, it will be slow but everything that will go up on the shop will be a peronally handpicked piece. 

Warmth, Content, Calm, Happiness and Cosiness will be the helm of out entire line of products that will be coming your way! 

Additinally, will also be utilizing this space to share some Rug Care Tips, Rug Styling Tips, Size Guides, How to Buy a Rug Guide, Hygge Livving and so on and so forth :)

Just want to say thank you for making this baby grow up into a toddler for now and hoping to reach the next stage very soon :D 

Lots of Love